Join us for a Philosophy Department Book Salon on Thursday April 21st at 6pm in the Social Sciences Tea Room (SSRB 201), as Ben Laurence discusses his new book Agents of Change: Political Philosophy in Practice (Harvard University Press) in conversation with James Conant, Chester D. Tripp Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, and Matthias Haase, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. 

Agents of Change: Political Philosophy in Practice shows how we can combine reflection on utopian justice and real-world engagement with injustice in a single political philosophy. Laurence argues that we can unify theory and practice in political philosophy once we recognize two things. The first is that theory emerges from our ordinary engaged political thought. The second is that the task of political philosophy is not complete until it returns to practice by answering the question “What is to be done?” To do this, Laurence shows that political philosophy must at last take seriously questions of political agency and the possibilities for social transformation through struggle.

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