Practical Philosophy Workshop

The Practical Philosophy Workshop is run every year by two or three faculty members. In recent years all of the following faculty have served as sponsors of this workshop and its forerunners: Jason Bridges, Dan Brudney, Agnes Callard, Anton Ford, and Matthias Haase.

The Practical Philosophy Workshop is a forum for those interested in ethics, conceived broadly to include normative moral philosophy, meta-ethics, action theory, moral psychology, political philosophy, and the theory of practical reason. Our activities are divided between graduate student presentations of dissertation chapters, the hosting of outside speakers, and faculty presentations of their own work in progress. The workshop hopes, over time, to build a campus-wide community of scholars who are interested in the following pair of questions as well as their relationship to one another: What is it to act? What is it to act well?


Faculty sponsors for 2020/21: Jason Bridges and Matthias Haase

Student Coordinators: Melina Garibovic and Greg Brown