Welcome to the Chicago
Center for German Philosophy

The Chicago Center for German Philosophy
furthers research on German philosophers
from Kant through Wittgenstein to the present day.

Welcome to the Chicago Center for German Philosophy

Started in 2017, the Chicago Center for German Philosophy is the most recent development in the University of Chicago’s rich history of scholarship centered on the German philosophical tradition. Working in collaboration with the Philosophy and German Departments, as well as the Committee on Social Thought, the Center sponsors various conferences, seminars, and workshops related to both contemporary and historical German philosophy. The Center seeks to create opportunities for Chicago graduate students and faculty to participate in conferences and seminars in Germany and elsewhere in Europe — especially during the summer months.

Often together with its sister institution in Germany, the FAGI (Forschungskolleg Analytic German Idealism at the University of Leipzig), the Center sponsors a wide range of events on German philosophy in Chicago, as well as in Germany and various other countries. In February 2018 it coordinated, in collaboration with FAGI and James Conant’s Humboldt Project, a conference on Andrea Kern’s book “Sources of Knowledge.” The same was done in October 2018 for a conference on Sebastian Rödl’s book “Self-Consciousness and Objectivity” and in March 2019 for a conference on Irad Kimhi’s book “Thinking and Being.” Click here to see a full list of events the Center sponsors or co-sponsors.

The Center provides funding and study abroad opportunities for members of the University of Chicago community who wish to attend conferences or work closely with faculty specializing in German Philosophy in Europe. University of Chicago students or scholars who are interested in the possibility of presenting at or attending any of the various conferences held at any of the Center’s collaborating institutions, or in spending time as a visitor at some of these institutions, can find information here about how to apply for funding.