People Directory A–Z


Below you will find a directory of all of the people who have been or are involved with the CCGP as team members, visiting scholars, traveling scholars, or administrative staff.



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Beddow, Andrew – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Bellinson, Nicholas – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Ben Asher, Sarale – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Berg, Anastasia – Traveling Doctoral FellowTraveling Post-Doctoral Fellow
Bickford, Elise – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Bickmann, Nicolas – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Bourbon, Paskalina – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Boyle, Matthew – Executive Board; Traveling Faculty Fellow
Bridges, Jason – Traveling Faculty Fellow
Brödner, Alexander – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Bronzo, Silver – Traveling Post-Doctoral Fellow
Burnfin, Daniel – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Bürkle, Sebastian – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Busch, Andrea – Administrator: Coordinator of the FAGI

Daniels, Dries – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Derpmann, Simon – Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Ebels-Duggan, Kyla – Visiting Professor
Emundts, Dina – Advisory Board
Engstrom, Stephen – Advisory Board; Visiting Professor

FInkelstein, David – Traveling Faculty Fellow
Flocke, Anna – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Ford, Anton – Traveling Faculty Fellow
Forsberg, Niklas – Pardubice / Leipzig Cooperation: Co-Director
Forster, Michael – Visiting Professor
Fox, Joshua – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Franks, Paul –  Advisory Board
Fricke, Christel – Visiting Professor
Friedlander, Eli – Advisory BoardLeipzig / Potsdam / Tel Aviv Cooperation: Co-Director

Jagannathan, Dhananjay – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Jeske, Eva – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Joas, Hans – Visiting Professor

Lai, Serena – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Levine, Amy – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Little, Eliza – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Loritz, Christian – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Lundberg, Kristen – Traveling Doctoral Fellow

Paffrath, Jan – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Pagondiotis, Costas –
Patras / Pittsburgh / Leipzig Cooperation: Co-Director
Palauneck, Martin – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Peters, Julia – Advisory Board
Pierce, Ben – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Pierdziwol, Annette – Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Pippin, Robert – Executive Board; Traveling Faculty Fellow
Pitel, Andrew – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Popp, Judith-Frederike – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Powell, Michael – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Prescott-Couch, Alexander – Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow
Prokopaki, Ermioni – Traveling Doctoral Fellow

Ramsauer, Laurenz – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Rautenberg, Joachim – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Reimer, Robert – Visiting Doctoral Fellow

Renaudie, Pierre-Jean – Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow
Rödl, Sebastian – Senior Academic Staff, LeipzigAdvisory Board; Short-Term Visiting Faculty
Rosefeldt, Tobias – Advisory Board
Russell, Francey – Traveling Doctoral Fellow

Techio, Jônadas – Visiting Professor
Thesing, Jana – Visiting Doctoral Fellow
Tiisala, Tuomo – Traveling Doctoral Fellow
Tizzard, Jessica – Traveling Doctoral Fellow

Varden, Helga – Visiting Professor

Zapero Meier, David – Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow
Zhang, Jenna – Traveling Doctoral Fellow