The KANT YEARBOOK is now accepting submissions for its fourteenth issue in 2022. The KANT
YEARBOOK is an international journal that publishes articles on the philosophy of Immanuel
Kant. It is the KANT YEARBOOK’s goal to intensify innovative research on Kant on the
international scale. For that reason the KANT YEARBOOK prefers to publish articles in English,
however, articles in German will also be considered. Each issue is dedicated to a specific
topic. The fourteenth issue’s topic is “KANTIAN CONSTRUCTIVISM”.
All papers discussing “Constructivism” in Kant’s practical philosophy from a historical,
systematic and/or contemporary perspective are welcome. The KANT YEARBOOK practices
double-blind review, i.e. the reviewers are not aware of the identity of a manuscript’s author,
and the author is not aware of the reviewers’ identity. Submitted manuscripts must be
anonymous; that is the authors’ names and references to their work capable of identifying
them are not to appear in the manuscript. Detailed instructions and author guidelines are
available at http://kantyearbook.uni.lu/ (http://philosophie.uni.lu). For further information
contact the editor or the publisher Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York (www.degruyter.com).
Paper submissions should go to dietmar.heidemann@uni.lu
Deadline for submission is: August 31, 2021

Editor: Dietmar H. Heidemann (University of Luxembourg). Editorial Board: Henry E. Allison
(University of California at Davis), Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), Gordon Brittan (Montana State
University), Klaus Düsing (University of Cologne), Corey Dyck (University of Western Ontario),
Daniel O. Dahlstrom (Boston University), Kristina Engelhard (University of Trier), Hannah
Ginsborg (University of California at Berkeley), Michelle Grier (University of San Diego), Terry
Godlove (Hofstra University), Thomas Grundmann (University of Cologne), Paul Guyer
(Brown University), Robert Hanna (independent), Markus Kohl (Chapel Hill), Lothar Kreimendahl
(University of Mannheim), Georg Mohr (University of Bremen), Guido Kreis (Aarhus University),
Angelica Nuzzo (Brooklyn College/CUNY), Dieter Sturma (University of Bonn), Jens
Timmermann (St Andrews), Robert Theis (University of Luxembourg), Ken Westphal
(Boğaziçi Üniversitesi), Marcus Willaschek (University of Frankfurt).
Publisher: De Gruyter Berlin/Boston