Call for Papers: Hegel on Empirical Judgment

We are pleased to announce a conference on the topics of empirical judgment and cognition in Hegel’s Philosophy of Subjective Spirit. The conference will take place remotely, via Zoom, on June 4th and 5th, 2021.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Julia Peters of Universität Tübingen and Dr. W. Clark Wolf of Marquette University.

Six slots are available for 30 minute presentations. There will be 10 minute comments on each paper; please indicate in your submission email if you are interested in being considered as a commentator should your paper not be included in the program. Please note: this is an international collaboration, and, while the remote format by nature cannot accommodate every time zone, we are hopeful that the format will encourage submissions from people for whom travel would otherwise be prohibitive.

We are looking for papers that deal with Hegel’s account of empirical judgment, with special preference for treatments grounded in the Philosophy of Subjective Spirit. Relevant papers dealing with the Logics, the Philosophy of Nature, and, in cases of extraordinary merit, the (Jena) Phenomenology, will also be considered.
Possible topics of interest include:
● Hegel’s position on the conceptuality of intuition
● The relationship between intuitions and empirical concepts
● The role of representation in judgment
● Non-conceptual content
● Sceptical challenges to the justification, or to the possibility of empirical judgments
● The relationship between the aetiology and justification of empirical judgments
● Hegel’s logical treatment of cognition and his account of theoretical spirit

Abstracts should be 500 words or less and prepared for blind review.
Please include your name, position, institutional affiliation, and, if applicable, interest in giving comments in your submission email. Abstracts should be submitted to no later than January 31st 2021
Please direct questions to the conference organizers: Robb Dunphy, University College Dublin, or Eliza Starbuck Little, University of Chicago,

Note: This event is not organized by the Chicago Center for German Philosophy, but merely announced as an event occurring in the field of German philosophy.