The Chicago Area Consortium in German Philosophy Workshop this year will be about Kant.

It takes place at:

Rosati Room (300)
Richardson Library
DePaul University
Lincoln Park Campus

on: March 18, 2019



10:00   Chair: Morganna Lambeth, Purdue University

Matt Boyle, University of Chicago, “Kant’s Categories as Concepts of Reflection”

Commentator: Güçsal Pusar, DePaul University


11:30   Chair: Daniel Sutherland, University of Illinois at Chicago

Katharina Kraus, Notre Dame, “The Empirical Self and the Demands of Reason”

Commentator: Amy Levine, University of Chicago


1:00-2:30   Lunch


2:30     Chair: Andrew Cooper, University of Warwick

Naomi Fisher, Loyola University, Chicago, “Genius and the Supersensible in Kant’s

third Critique

Commentator: Taylor Rogers, Northwestern University


4:00     Chair: Yoon Choi, Marquette University

Sam Fleischacker, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Empathy and Demonization”

Commentator: Stephen Setman, Purdue University


5:30     Conclusion