Call for Papers on Schopenhauer’s Philosophy

On behalf of the international congress The Main Work. 200 Years of Schopenhauer’s “The World as Will and Representation”, which will take place at the University of Frankfurt from 23rd to 26th of October 2019, the Schopenhauer Society calls for submission of supplementary papers regarding the four main aspects of Schopenhauer’s philosophy: 1. Epistemology, 2. Metaphysics, 3. Aesthetics, and 4. Ethics. The papers should refer critically and with respect to Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation to the four main papers of the congress, the abstracts of which are attached to the call for papers: 1. „Schopenhauers „Erkenntnistheorie“ (Jens Lemanski), 2. Schopenhauers Metaphysik: Von der Intuition zur Induktion (Dieter Birnbacher), 3. (Sandra Shapshay), 4.Schopenhauer über Strafen (Oliver Hallich).

At first we call for submission of abstracts to the supplementary papers before March 15th 2019. The application shall explain the motivation for participation (the relation of the own work to the subject). A short CV is also welcome. Both, abstracts and papers may be in German or in English and should not exceed 2 pages. Submission by mail or e-mail to:

D-55099 Mainz

Successful applicants will be informed in time so that there will be enough time to elaborate a paper of about 20 minutes length. The Schopenhauer Society will meet travel expenses and accommodation for the whole congress.