2022 Midwest Study Group Meeting of the North American Kant Society

October 28th-29th, 2022

Loyola University Chicago, Lake Shore Campus

Host: Naomi Fisher (contact email: nfisher1 [at] luc [dot] edu)

Keynote: Samantha Matherne (Harvard)

Friday, October 28: McCormick Lounge, Coffey Hall

8:45 a.m. arrival and coffee 

9:15 welcome

9:30-11:30 session 1

“The Transcendental Deduction of the Ideas as a Regressive Argument”

Pirachula Chulanon, Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

“Rational Theology as ‘Pseudo-Transcendental Philosophy’: A New Reading of the Transcendental Ideal

Maya Krishnan, Graduate Student, All Souls College, University of Oxford (Herz nominee)

11:30-11:45 coffee break

11:45-12:45 session 2

“Kant’s Pietism: Allegedly Vague or Actually Profound?”

Fr. Bonaventure Chapman, O.P., Graduate Student, The Catholic University of America

12:45-2:00 lunch

2:00-4:00 session 3

“Kant on the Transparency of Experience”

Tim Jankowiak, Associate Professor, Towson University

“The Epistemic Role of Bodily Feeling in Dreams of a Spirit-Seer

Adam Jurkiewicz, Graduate Student, The Catholic University of America

4:15-5:45 keynote

Keynote: “Kant Without Judgment: Rethinking Kantian Aesthetics”

Samantha Matherne, Harvard University

6:15 pm dinner

Saturday, October 29, Cuneo Hall Room 109

8:45-9:15 am arrive and coffee

9:15-11:15 session 4

“Kant on Affects and Passions”

Martina Favaretto, Graduate Student, Indiana University Bloomington

“Love of Honor, Virtue, and the Self”

Robert Vanderbeek, Graduate Student, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

11:15-11:40 coffee break

11:40-12:40 session 5

“Hidden Art, Special Talent: Kant on Imagination and Judgment”

Nicholas Dunn, Postdoctoral Fellow, Bard College

12:40-2:00 lunch

2:00-4:00 session 6

“Logical Necessity in Kant’s Account of the Moral Law”

Leonard Feldblyum, Graduate Student, Brown University

“The Self-Binding Self: Homo Phenomenon and Homo Noumenon in Kant’s Practical Philosophy”

Nataliya Palatnik, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee