Fellowships for UChicago Grad Students to Go to Bonn as a Visiting Scholar

As part of the Chicago/Bonn cooperation, graduate students of the University of Chicago have the opportunity to spend one year at the University of Bonn. The exchange program will provide the funds necessary for one of UChicago’s grad students to spend a research year in Bonn (at a rate comparable to the current level of funding offered by the DAAD scholarship program).

The program is designed to provide a special research opportunity for students who, for example, (1) have special interest in working with faculty at Bonn; (2) have research interests in German philosophy that will be well-served by spending a year at a German university; and (3) have more general research interests in German history, culture, arts, and sciences that will be well served by spending an academic year at Bonn.

There is no teaching service attached to the fellowship.

All students who will have passed their topical exams by the end of May of each year are eligible to apply. (Completing your topical will be a condition of beginning the fellowship.)

If a fourth-year student is chosen, she or he will be able to bank the fifth year of GAI support and draw that support the subsequent year.


Students who are currently in their Dissertation Completion Fellowship year may apply to the Bonn exchange for the following year. Students who have fully completed a Dissertation Completion Fellowship year are not eligible for the Bonn exchange.

Note also that if you apply for both extra-GAI UChicago fellowship support (such as a Dissertation Completion Fellowship or the Hanna Holborn Gray Advanced Fellowship) and the Bonn exchange, and the Department decides to put you forward for the Bonn exchange, you will be expected to accept the Bonn exchange.

Foto Copyright: Volker Lannert / Universität Bonn

The following are the six required elements of an application
  • An up-to-date CV.
  • A one-page, single-spaced personal statement outlining your philosophical interests and goals, and your reasons for wanting to pursue them at the partner institution in question.
  • One confidential letter of recommendation from a Professor of Philosopher who is in an excellent position to comment on your background and ability.
  • A recent publication or sample of your written work.
  • A specification of when and for how long you would like to go to the partner institution as a visiting scholar.
  • A specification of which events you plan on attending during your visit to that institution, as well as why it would be good for you to have the opportunity to do so.

Applications are to be sent, typically by the beginning of April, to William Weaver: wweaver@uchicago.edu